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Photomotion is the Pacific Digital Photography Club’s annual production where we present our club’s amazing photographic work to the public

Photomotion is:


    •  A selection of juried audio-visual presentations approximately 3 to 4 minutes in duration. Contents of the shows are up to the individual photographers, but are juried for quality by a panel of CAPA judges. Highlights of the presentations include:
      • Stunning images projected from a 10,000 lumens projector in full HD on a 20’ screen.
      • 6 channel Dolby surround sound,
      • Matinee and evening shows,
      • Show commentary by a master of ceremonies
      • Intermission refreshments
      • Guest photographer and
      • Over $3,000 in door prizes.

      In a survey conducted following a previous year’s Photomotion presentation 97% of the respondents said Photomotion met or exceeded their expectations and 92% said they would attend future Photomotion presentations and the same percentage said they would recommend Photomotion to a friend. The following are just a few of the quotes from the survey forms submitted by attendees:

      “Show is great! Photography is amazing.”

      “Excellent shows, well done!”


      “Our 5th year, we always enjoy it.”

      “1st time here, will be back every time”

      “Your shows are wonderful. We’ve been coming for years and hope to continue”

      Each year we have a special guest presenter. Past year’s special guests have included notable local photogrpahers:

    • Kayla Steveson –
    • Liron Gertsman –
    • Anthony Bucci –
    • Chris Harris –

Photomotion History


The first Photomotion presentation took place in the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody in 2004.  It was held at the Inlet Theatre for 16 consecutive years up to and inlcluding 2019. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we were unable to have a live in theatre event in 2020 or 2021 so we presented Photomotion in a virtual format from our club website.  We returned to the Inlet Theatre in 2022 for our 19th annual Photomotion Presentation.  Unfortunately, due to the fall out from Covid and financial constraints we were unable to provide a Photomotion production for 2023.

We plan on making the resurgence of Photomotion in 2025 a priority for PDPC. Check back here this fall for an update to our plans for our 20th Photomotion scheduled for November 2025.

 Click on the following graphic to check out the Photomotion Promotional Video: